Something Old… Something New…

This collection is inspired by objects from the past and present and the memories and emotions these evoke. Falling in Love, loss, heartache, happiness and hope for the future. Made from old and recycled metals, upcycled components, and combining new metal. The aim being to transform these objects – which hold a hidden unknown past [...]

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The Geometric’s Collection is handmade, each rectangle added individually before coloured liquid resin is cast into the piece, which when set, is sanded by hand and polished to reveal the Silver design, and a glossy finish. The patterns play with the contradiction between chaos & order. I like to use strict geometric shapes juxtaposing them [...]

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Jingly Jangly

This collection continues a love of geometric’s, using multiples of the same shape, only this time leaving the framework untouched to preserve the delicate forms. Gathering a multitude of rectangles together but being sure that each can move freely to allow reactive movement between the piece in conjunction with the movement of the wearer. The highly polished [...]

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Designer | Maker of hand made contemporary art jewellery in silver and mixed metals exhibiting internationally with work available to purchase in Manchester and North Wales

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